XHeaderPro User Reviews

Below you'll see just a small selection of the many wonderful testimonials we've received for the XHeaderPro software.

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XHeaderPro - User review from Alan Farrar

Great looking headers in minutes

"The XHeader application makes great looking headers in minutes."

Alan Farrar - Brighouse, United Kingdom

XHeaderPro - User review from Mike K

Best R.O.I I've ever realized

"This was exactly what I was looking for - it was as if you were reading my mind.  I downloaded the program and watched the two 7 minute instruction videos. I then found two header templates that were perfect for immediate needs I had, modified them to my liking and was done within 10 minutes "work" for each.  It was amazingly simple (as advertised). This investment paid for itself with-in 1/2 hour of owning it. That may be the best R.O.I. I've ever realized. GREAT VALUE!"

Mike K. - Minneapolis, USA

XHeaderPro - User review from Andy Swire

Top notch software

"Top-notch software at a really good price."

Andy Swire - Newquay, United Kingdom

XHeaderPro - User review from John Mackinnon

Well worth the money

"Within 5 minutes of installing XHeaderPro I had a great header that greatly improved the look of a old, tired looking website. The nice part is this was accomplished for a tiny fraction of the cost of hiring a designer. It is a simple program to use and well worth the money."

John Mackinnon - Grand RAPIDS, MI, USA

XHeaderPro - User review from Howard Tinker

5,000 top quality graphics is well worth the investment

"Xheader is very easy to use. I have used it to create many web graphics such as buttons and banners as well as headers. The graphics are superb. Getting 5,000 top quality graphics is well worth the investment alone!"

Howard Tinker - sydney, Australia

XHeaderPro - User review from Dave Smith

An absolute bargain... templates are superb

"A great piece of software that anyone using websites should have. Very easy to use, clear instructions and reliable operation. The 5000 template collection is well worth the money too, an absolute bargain. This tool will save me an enormous amount of time and improve most of my websites in just a few minutes. Very pleased. A very professional product and the templates are superb and at a ridiculously low price. Thanks for making my life easier."

Dave Smith - Sheffield, UK

XHeaderPro - User review from Doug Reach

For the price, you can't beat it

"Saves so much time because of it's ease of use and it's great collection of banner images. And for the price, you can't beat it. If it saves you thirty minutes, you've already made your money back."

Doug Reach - Halifax, Canada

XHeaderPro - User review from Linda Majchrowski

Excellent value

"Excellent value with ease of use makes XHeaderPro a winner!"

Linda Majchrowski - USA

XHeaderPro - User review from David Goh

XHeaderPro is a must... period!

"After using XHeaderPro for a few websites (in the last few hours), I STRONGLY ADVISE XHEADERPRO IS A MUST... Period!"

David Goh - Singapore

XHeaderPro - User review from Pete Sass

Excellent graphic images across a wide range of topics

"Good value and excellent graphic images across a wide range of topics. Excellent add-on for the professional web developer."

Pete Sass - Marathon, Ontario, Canada

XHeaderPro - User review from Mike Smith

This will simplify your work greatly

"Great product, easy to use. Tons of header graphics to customize.  If you create websites and website headers, this will simplify your work greatly."

Mike Smith - Boston, USA

XHeaderPro - User review from Jon

Great product, great value

"Great product, great value, whilst I have Xsite Pro2 which is also great value I was missing what Xheader has now provided...great, keep it up."

Jon - Sarasota, USA

XHeaderPro - User review from Steve Marineau

Another excellent value and a great resource

"I continue to be amazed by the value that I receive from your products. Now with the XHeader Pro it is another excellent value and a great resource for anyone on the web today. From being extremely easy to use and navigate to the wonderful looking headers you guys rock."

Steve Marineau - Anchorage, USA

XHeaderPro - User review from V K Rajagopalan

You name it and you could find that header...

"The best thing I liked about XHeaderPro is that the header collection is amazingly vast grouped by categories. You name it and you could find that header in their collection. In the last several years that I have known Paul and their group through their various products that I have been using, I have come to trust them completely that they will always over deliver. And, they have not betrayed that trust of mine with XHeaderPro!"

V K Rajagopalan - New Delhi, India

XHeaderPro - User review from Jim Gillum

I can do in minutes what sometimes took hours

"XheaderPro is awesome... I can do in minutes what sometimes took hours... with really good results... A fantastic tool... worth far more than the price..."

Jim Gillum - Deltona, Fl, USA

XHeaderPro - User review from Mark Embleton

Fantastic value for money

"XHeaderPro is just what I've been waiting for and is fantastic value for money. Thank you."

Mark Embleton - London, UK

XHeaderPro - User review from Cathy Chapman

Gives you a multitude of options

"If you're just getting started, or you just don't want to take the time to design a header, and you want to get a site up quickly ... XHeaderPro gives you a multitude of options. You can even change and adapt them to fit your needs through the software."

Cathy Chapman - Houston, TX, USA

XHeaderPro - User review from Wayne Standerfer

Will save me a tremendous amount of time

"Its a great program. I am in the process of rebuilding two sites and even tho my headers will be built from scratch XHeaderPro will save me a tremendous amount of time."

Wayne Standerfer - Duncanville, TX, United States

XHeaderPro - User review from Bill Alexander

Recommend to anyone in the business

"I've been developing custom sites for more than 20 years and I recommend XSitePro and XHeaderPro to anyone in the business or just getting started."

Bill Alexander - Woodburn, Oregon, USA

XHeaderPro - User review from Diane Edwards

I love your programs

"Just downloaded the new XHeaderPro and I can't wait to start building more websites. It was always the header that took so long for me to design, but now with the huge selection and the tutorials on how to make them look good, I'm ready... I love your programs."

Diane Edwards - San diego, USA

XHeaderPro - User review from Mark Opseth

Was expecting handful of exceptional headers mixed in with a lot of dull and ordinary ones. Wow! was I wrong...!

"Like with other products I've purchased, I was expecting just a handful of exceptional headers mixed in with a lot of dull and ordinary ones. Wow!  Was I wrong on this one!  What a great surprise to scroll through eye-popping and beautiful header after header!  Thanks for making my web design a whole lot easier!"

Mark Opseth - Apple Valley, USA

XHeaderPro - User review from Michael Ratner

Price is amazing

"Not only are all the graphics very well done, the price is amazing.  Everything these guys at Xsite do is always immaculately conceived and it's supported like support should be."

Michael Ratner - Perth - Western Australia

XHeaderPro - User review from Ralph Moore

Allows anyone to create professional-looking headers

"Once again, you have overdelivered on a product that allows anyone to create professional-looking headers on demand. Very cost-effective and valuable to anyone marketing online. Thank you so much."

Ralph Moore - Indianapolis, USA

XHeaderPro - User review from Nadya Romanova

It's too cheap at that price

"It's almost as if I'm working in Photoshop.....True quality. I must say I was apprehensive, I couldn't help but wonder how anything can give the same results as Photoshop but here we are... XheaderPro. A wonderful bit of kit. You only made one mistake......it's too cheap at that price. Well done and thank you."

Nadya Romanova - Maidenhead, UK

XHeaderPro - User review from Glenn Brett

Worth much more than the asking price

"The collection of professional quality headers alone is worth much more than the asking price. We had a new header in place for our weightloss site within 5 minutes of installing the product."

Glenn Brett - Keighley, England

XHeaderPro - User review from Roger Schechter

Enables you to create a first class header in no time

"The header of a website is where first impressions as to the business are made. XheaderPro enables you to create a first class header in no time. It has the editing capabilities that turn a simple graphic into an impressive eye catching statement about the website. I found it very easy to use and would highly recommend it. Well worth the price."

Roger Schechter - warren, usa

XHeaderPro - User review from Ken Morgan

Extremely good value. I would recommend it to anyone

"The wide range of headers and the ability to add text and other elements to make each header unique makes this product extremely good value. I would recommend it to anyone who builds websites."

Ken Morgan - Bolton, UK

XHeaderPro - User review from Charles Ormsbee

Created my first header in minutes. Tremedous value

"XHeader Pro is incredibly easy to use. I found there to be almost no learning curve at all. I was up and running and created my first header in just minutes. No more struggling with professional level photo editing programs that have more features than I need. XHeader Pro is a tremendous value for the price. The photos available in the templates are worth ten times or more the cost of the program if I purchased the rights to use them on my web sites. Thank you for a wonderful easy to use program."

Charles Ormsbee - Milton, United States

XHeaderPro - User review from Tom Redding

Unbelievable to me that it is so reasonably priced

"XHeaderPro is an incredible product, and it is unbelievable to me that it so reasonably priced. Normally, I would use graphic software to create or modify headers, and this is so much easier and more time efficient."

Tom Redding - Sacramento, CA, USA

XHeaderPro - User review from Richard Hill

Outstanding collection of headers

"XHeaderPro is an outstanding collection of headers. It is very easy to use."

Richard Hill - Alachua, FL, US

XHeaderPro - User review from Richard Kershaw

If I can learn it at 71 years old then anyone can

"XHeaderPro is really easy to use and manipulate. Importing images and placing on a header is easy and then easy to manipulate into position. A good tool is the square filled tool for converting the rounded corners into square corners. If I can learn it at 71 years old then anyone can."

Richard Kershaw - Salford, United Kingdom

XHeaderPro - User review from Sharon Dell

Vast selection of stunning headers

"XHeaderPro provides a vast selection of stunning headers. Easy to use and nominally priced, they add a professional touch to your website without a graphic designer. You and your team have done a magnificent job, Paul -- thanks a million!"

Sharon Dell - Durban, South Africa